Five Village Green Residents Are Running For 2 Seats On The 2018 Board … What Does That Tell You?

Sure I have been critical on many board actions or lack of board actions. But, I have always offered solutions.

I guess I have not scared away property owners from board positions as some might want you to think. I am told that the 2018 board member candidates read this blog. When I hear that five Village Green property owners are running for 2 board seats in 2018, I think that Village Green property owners are ready for change. There are a lot of very talented and smart property owners who want to support the board in making changes.

The Village Green CC&R’s are 26 years old. They were written in the 1990’s. They are very poorly written. There are no abatement provisions that are in many of today’s CC&R’s. You trashed that old 1990’s cell phone. The old CC&R’s need to be trashed.

Where is the 2017 budget and the 2016 financial statement required by Florida law?

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The Village Green Vice-President will Not Answer My Questions

The Village Green Vice-President will not answer my email where I asked some very simple questions. That extra pixel in the email said that the sent email was read 21 times and it was forwarded 5 times. The VP read the email on a PC running Windows XP. It was received and read. But, it has not been answered after about 20+ days. Perhaps the answers will be discussed at the August 16, 2017 board meeting. Perhaps I will get an answer on August 16, 2017.

Village Green has some real problems … just like HUD. I have been communicating with HUD Secretary Ben Carson since April. I have great respect for Secretary Carson. I advised Secretary Carson that the HUD master key codes were compromised. He read my message loud and clear and spent millions of dollars in a few weeks to start to cure the problem. There is a lot more work that needs to be done. I created a private HUD WIKI at and I pumped out a lot of information about fraud, greed and corruption in the mortgage segment. I need to keep working on Secretary Carson to get change. I send Secretary Carson a priority mail package about once a week. The first package sent in April was loaded with metal … HUD master keys that I had obtained. When you send mail to a cabinet secretary’s home in Vienna, Virginia it goes to the Pentagon, or Skyline or the FBI at Quantico for screening. I know that the FBI pulled my profile. The smoke detector above my desk seems to blink more. That black Chevy Suburban with the tinted windows is sitting down the street every day … just kidding.

So HUD is changing their master key codes … which have been compromised … as I suggested to Secretary Carson. People are stealing appliances from HUD homes. One Realtor stole over $16,000 in appliances from HUD homes. She went to prison. I have suggest that HUD move to electronic locks or electronic lockboxes. I created the below video and sent it to Secretary Carson. It’s humor that makes a point. It’s posted at a private link at Vimeo and not YouTube. The video is about what Adolf Hitler would think about HUDs changing of the key codes. I respect Secretary Carson and he is making the changes I suggested. He needs to move to electronic locks or electronic lockboxes. Watch the video.

If Village Green does not answer my questions to the Vice-President at the August 16, 2017 board meeting and respond to me on August 16, 2017,  I am going to release the video “What Would Hitler think of the way that Village Green handles communications from property owners.” I will cite the fact that my email was read 25 times and forwarded 5 times … and never answered. It will be posted on YouTube and not Vimeo and it will go viral. The nerdy 16-year kid down the street says he will make it go viral on YouTube. Property owners deserve answers … without having to plead for answers. Village Green is a corporation and not a knitting club.

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What Is The Real Story On 8631 Spyglass Loop & It’s Deceased Owner Kelly Elizabeth Polly?

Kelly Elizabeth Polly was a Registered Nurse working for Cornerstone Hospice in Tavares and caretaker for her mother for more than 20 years. She loved to take care of seniors in the last days of their lives. She was a very skilled and compassionate hospice nurse. Polly was single. She took care of her mom.  She passed away at the young age of 46. Kelly died on July 31, 2016. She was a wonderful woman. She was one of God’s angels. She is survived by her mother, Sarah; sister, Paula; brothers, Greg, Frank, David and Alan.

The property was purchased on September 13, 2011 for $160,500. The property had previously suffered sinkhole damage. Lake County declared the property unsafe on March 24, 2010 and made the neighbors move because of the sinkhole. The property today is valued at about $320,000 … after a much needed rehabilitation.

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When I Collect Information & Connect The Dots … I like To Use Mind Maps

The above mind map is intentionally blurred. It is my mind map for Village Green. Green Valley West (GVW) is included in my mind map. I have talked to GVW board members who have some great ideas. If you are writing abatement provisions in a new CC&R’s, you need to start with page 13 of the Green Valley West CC&R’s. This is a great starting point for abatement provisions. Association lawyers don’t like abatement provisions because it gives the board more power and it cuts their billing hours.

Abatement gives the board more POWER to fix problems.

I used the Super Woman image because I believe that Village Green is ready for a woman President. Dr. Robin Revis Pyke is smart … organized and she has some great ideas. She does not need anyone carrying a football for her … some of you will understand the meaning. Village Green needs her organization skills. She listens well. She knows how to delegate and she will draw in some of the most talented property owners to her team. When you vote in November for board members … be sure to write a note on the ballot that your choice for President is Dr. Robin Revis Pyke. All of the ladies in Village Green need to write “I want Dr. Robin for President” on the ballot and mail it. Persuade the board members to select Dr. Robin as President. We need her ideas!

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This Photo Is A Village Green Front-On Street Photo … Look Very Closely … There is A House Behind The Tree Limbs Touching The Ground

The Vice-President of Village Green lives just a few doors away from this 3-year vacant and abandoned home. He is slow-walking a re-write of the CC&R’s which could include much needed abatement provisions. The board has no new ideas. They are working with a CC&R that was written in 1990. It’s 26-years old. It was poorly written in 1990. They will not throw out the trash.

This is just one of two horrible yards in Village Green. The nonfeasance of the Village Green board of directors is killing property values. How would you like to live across the street from the hidden home and look out your front window every day and see this awful yard? The board has a duty to protect the homeowners.

Village Green has the full force of the courts of Florida to fix this ugly property. The board has a duty to protect the homeowners. They have a duty to fix the ugly house problems in Village Green. Village Green has hired a family attorney to fix problems and not a community association law specialist. How is that working out for Village Green? Is Village Green on the way to becoming a low-rent neighborhood. When houses don’t sell quickly,  they are rented. The house across at at 8720 Spyglass Loop has been on the market for sale for 236 days. It will most likely become a rental property. You all know the Village Green history on rental properties. Maybe HUD will offer section 8 rent vouchers in Village Green. The Village Green board is not preventing and solving problems. They equate performance with activity and they chase down homeowners for not hiding their trash can. The huge and very serious problems are untouched.

Look at the photo again. Do you see a house? Look closely … it is there. I am working to get a WESH 2 news team to Village Green. I have 4 other television news channels as a backup if WESH 2 is a no-show.

None of the problem properties will be discussed at the August 13, 2017 board meeting. They have not been discussed at a board meeting in 2017. The November 2016 board promised advance meeting agendas to property owners … which never happened in 2017. It’s almost that time of the year to talking about the Christmas lights. The board will talk about anything so that they do not have to talk about the serious problems … for which they have no solutions.

Village Green is burning and the property owners cannot see the flames and smoke. Village Green is not making required financial disclosures in accordance with Florida law. It seems like the property owners don’t give a dam as they say nothing. The property owners are the minions of the board. No one will complain about the ugly yards in Village Green. Robin Revis Pyke and Jennifer Richards are doing their best … but, they are being controlled and ignored by others. Robin has the smarts and the organization to lead the board as President. Maybe we need more women on the board to make smart decisions.

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Do Village Green Property Owners Get Answers From The Board … Does The Board Do What They Say They Will Do?

Below is a question to the Village Green Vice-President on July 25, 2017. It’s been 19 days and still no answer. I know the email was received. It was never acknowledged. The email was first read on July 26, 2017 at 1:03:48 on a PC running Windows XP and a Firefox browser. It was read 21 times and forwarded 5 times. Below is the record. Read 21 times … forwarded 5 times … and no acknowledgement or response after 19 days. 

The board has no Policy and Procedures manual. What is the policy in answering questions from property owners? When will I get an answer? It’s been 19 days.

In November 2016, Bruce said that board meeting agendas would be made available to property owners before the 2017 board meetings. That has not happened. Even promises of action are not fulfilled.  Where is the 2016 financial statement and the 2017 budget? The HOA is in violation of Florida laws regarding disclosures to property owners. The board does not answer questions … they do not fulfill previous commitments … and they violate Florida disclosure laws. Does the board also discriminate and not treat all property owners the same? When will the first draft of a new CC&R be available? Why are the property owners being treated with such disrespect. Let’s deflect from talking about real problems and discuss the Christmas lights. The board is just playing games with the property owners.

“I drove by the unimproved lot on Spyglass Loop today … the lot with the huge fire pit with the circle of chairs around it. At 6:15 PM today I noticed two white vehicles parked on this lot. The ground shows that there are some well worn vehicle tracks on the lot. There was a red truck on the lot last week. I suspect that it is business related parking and traffic. Do you agree?

What is the official Village Green position on parking vehicles on unimproved lots? Does the parking of two vehicles on the lot violate the Deed Restrictions? Can a structure such as a fire pit be built on unimproved lots? Does the fire pit violate Deed Restrictions?

Are yard trash fires or open fires allowed in Village Green? Have you reviewed the Florida Forest Service requirements for yard trash fires? What is the official Village Green position on yard trash fires in Village Green? 

Is the owner of the unimproved lot in violation of any Village Green Deed Restrictions?”

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