Village Green is a charming golf course community in Clermont. As property owners, we need to work hard to gather our ideas of how to maintain standards in the community and make Village Green the best of the best subdivisions in Clermont. The safety and stability of Village Green and the protection of property values is of paramount performance to all property owners and residents.

Let’s team up and promote our ideas. Let’s communicate with each other. Let’s all have a voice in Village Green. Let’s share our ideas with the Board of Directors so that they can make decisions that will implement our ideas. Let’s provide them with the tools such as Deed restrictions and By-Laws that they need to manage a golf course community. Village Green is a special golf course community. We need Deed Restrictions and By-Laws which will preserve the charm of Village Green. Village Green needs to be trending up and not trending down. The current 3-page Deed Restrictions and By-Laws are 26-years old and will expire by law in 4 years if they are not restated or re-written. They are out-of-date. They are junk and what do we do with junk? We trash them and replace them.

The blog www.friendsofvillagegreeen.com is NOT affiliated in any way with the Village Green Property Owners Association, Inc. We are a voice for property owners to communicate with the Village Green Board of Directors. They do read this blog and read your ideas!

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