It’s Time For A Woman President In Village Green

The ladies of Village Green need to organize a campaign to promote a woman as President of Village Green.

I believe that Village Green is ready for a woman President. Dr. Robin Revis Pyke is smart … organized and she has some great ideas. She does not need anyone carrying a football for her … some of you will understand the meaning. Village Green needs her organization skills. She listens well. She knows how to delegate and she will draw in some of the most talented property owners to her team. When you vote in November for board members … be sure to write a note on the ballot that your choice for President is Dr. Robin Revis Pyke. All of the ladies in Village Green need to write “I want Dr. Robin for President” on the ballot and mail it. Persuade the board members to select Dr. Robin as President. We need her ideas!

The blog is NOT affiliated in any way with the Village Green Property Owners Association, Inc.

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