Welcome Friends of Village Green … I want Your Voice To Be Heard!

The primary goal of this blog is to establish great communications with property owners in Village Green. The more owners network, the better the ideas for maintaining the best subdivision in the Clermont Area. To establish order and maintain the overall appearance of Village Green the Board Of Directors needs to have the right tools to manage the subdivision. Village Green needs a detailed and clear set of NEW Deed Restrictions for maintaining the appearance of Village Green. An EMERGENCY AMENDMENT is needed NOW to shut down an invasion of commercial vehicles!

Village Green is a golf course community. The property owners in Village Green need to work together to create a new set of Deed Restrictions and By-Laws to maintain the beauty of Village Green. The existing Deed Restrictions are 26-years old and do not provide the tools needed by the Board of Directors to maintain the charm of a golf course community. Cut off the boiler plate header, signatures and notary seal and they are only THREE (3) PAGES long. ADT security signs and “Garage Sale” signs are prohibited. “For Rent” signs are prohibited. Commercial trucks dripping with advertising signage and ladder racks are OKAY!

I want to hear your ideas on how to maintain the charm of Village Green. What are the problems? How can we make Village Green the best of the best subdivisions? Lets merge our ideas on how to create better tools such a new Deed Restrictions so that the Board of Directors can property manage the homeowners association. They have volunteered to keep Village Green safe and to also make decisions to  maintain the charm of a golf course community and protect the market value of our homes.

Call Richard Law at 321-543-2809 if you want to chat. Email me at richard@law.name I want to work with you and the Board of Directors to make Village Green the best of the best subdivisions in Clermont. With your ideas and help, everything is possible.

The blog www.friendsofvillagegreeen.com is NOT affiliated in any way with the Village Green Property Owners Association, Inc.

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