An Emergency Deed Restriction Amendment Will Fix The VG Commercial Vehicle Problem NOW!

The 26-year old Village Green Deed Restrictions are so 1990’s. They are out of date. They were written with charcoal on tree bark. A lot of changes are needed requiring a rewrite of the Deed Restrictions. The invasion of commercial vehicles dripping with advertising signage and ladder racks needs to be shut down. ADT security signs and “Garage Sale” signs are prohibited, but a paneled commercial van with advertising signage on three sides is OKAY. The Board of Directors needs to write an EMERGENCY AMENDMENT to the Deed Restrictions and get it out to the property owners for a VOTE as soon as possible while they continue to rewrite the Deed Restrictions. State law says the Deed Restrictions will automatically expire in 4 years if they are not restated or re-written and filed with the state.

An emergency Deed Restriction AMENDMENT is needed NOW! Do you agree? Call Richard Law at 321-543-2809 or email Am I right or am I wrong? What do you think? Support me so that I can ask the Board of Directors to execute the will of the property owners. You live in Village Green and you can control what happens in Village Green. Do nothing and watch your property value crash … all that you worked hard for will be declining in value. Let’s work together to maintain the charm of a great golf course community. The Board of Directors will support you if you ask them. They are great managers who need better management tools and your support. They have a duty to keep Village Green SAFE and PROPERLY MAINTAINED. The current Deed Restrictions will NOT keep this modified pickup truck out of Village Green. Lake County has no residential area restrictions on commercial vehicles less than 12,000 pounds GVWR.


Call or email the Board of Directors

Click on the COMMENT link. Do you like this idea? Send me your comment and email. Email the Board and express your opinion.

The blog is NOT affiliated in any way with the Village Green Property Owners Association, Inc.

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